TEZA 2013

#1 Powhiri


A TEZA contingent gathered and travelled to the wonderful Te Wheke, Rapaki Marae, Ohinehou/Lytteton Harbour on a beautiful day, a ribbon of mist coming up the harbour to welcome us.



This was our powhiri to welcome the group to the whanau. The new marae Te Wheke opened just before the first Christchurch earthquake, providing shelter during the second.




Our party was led by Parikaha kaumatua Dr Te Huirangi Waikerepuru (left below), daughter Te Urutahi (right below with Kura Puke) and Tengaruru Wineera of Taranaki.


There’s a special connection here. Ripapa Island in the harbour was used temporarily in 1880 as a prison for 150 of Te Whiti’s followers of passive resistance.


More recently we were told Taranaki iwi provided harakeke to complete the weaving in Te Wheke.


Meanwhile at the TEZA hub (viewable now via webcam) as the evening drew in Tim Barlow has begun construction on Te Ao Marama (here with Richard Bartlett), his work with Te Urutahi.


As Te writes, “Tim Barlow and I propose that Te Ao Mārama is installed in the TEZA hub area linking Te Ao Mārama within a space where facilitated gatherings of people will be welcomed and embraced and encouraged to share, contribute and participate in an array of activities for the duration of TEZA. Te Ao Mārama will be illuminated in the evenings to reflect new learnings gained and shared.”


Images: Anake Goodall, David Cook, Gabrielle McKone and Mark Amery


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