TEZA 2013

#2 Monday Powhiri and welcome to New Brighton


At the TEZA hub

Part of the TEZA kaupapa is to explore what occupation looks like. Which is: to ask how we can be in public commons space and both acknowledge the local and indigenous and charge it up with the national, the global and universal. See it truly operate as an in-between space (a zone) where we come together with our diverse backgrounds and concerns.


Having been welcomed to the ropu at Rapaki marae on Sunday, on Monday New Brighton wished to also welcome us with a powhiri. So our opening on Monday night saw us gather with friends from Christchurch and around New Zealand to be welcomed on.


After days of hot sunny weather the rain came in on Monday but we were brightened by the arrival of Heather Hayward and Tessa Peach’s Picture House, Sharon with the bright bins from Our Daily Waste, and many friends from Christchurch, CNZ and around the country.

IMG_4901 copy

Phil Tekao from Positive Directions Trust, who have become very much part of our whanau, welcomed us on. And he was followed by local councillor David East. We have been overwhelmed by the energy being given to us from New Brighton and find ourselves working hard to match it, to see true collaboration.


Our kaumatua Te Huirangi Waikerepuru

Rain has not dampened spirits and it has been a time for realising our strength lies in this as a development time together, as friends new and to be made continue to arrive.


Sophie Jerram, Mark Amery and Gabrielle McKone feeling the love

The most visual symbol of this apart from the continual growth of the site is Tim Barlow and Te Urutahi Waikerepuru’s Te Ao Marama.


It continues to change daily and now, with strapping, resembles a hinaki or eel trap, as might have been used here nearby on the Okataro (Avon)  and the spiralling out of connections the whole TEZA project means for us.


We embed an audio snippet from the opening night with the artists introducing their projects to give you an indication of its scope (note recording omits Mark Harvey’s introduction and starts part way into Richard Bartlett’s). Here also is Phil Dadson complete with bicycle horn introducing his.


Images: Gabrielle McKone and Mark Amery


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