TEZA 2013

#4 Day Two in Pictures

tezawednesday-19Handy having some artists around in the sign department. Thanks to Kim Lowe, Kerry Ann Lee, Martin Trustrum and Artbox for the material.


This morning we farewelled Letting Space co-producer Helen Kirlew Smith. You won’t have seen many photos of Helen thus far, that’s because she’s been the glue that has made this possible. Tirelessly working through the logistics that saw everyone arrive, accommodated, fed and the site looked after.

Also in the morning Mark Harvey launched his first ‘Thank You Protest’ for New Brighton


Mark Harvey 11-30-01_27-11-13-2


Lunchtime we were blessed with a visit from Stuart Griffiths from Dunedin, a mentor to a number of our artists. We had  a great lunchtime session with Tim J Veling and David Cook on their Freeville Project, and then we welcomed to TEZA Wellington artist Kalya Ward, who discussed her current evolving work on the Avon/Okataro and its play with memory of Christchurch as a former resident now working at a distance.tezawednesday-36

Our final presentation was from Ash Howell on his work with a Natural History Museum in Europe. Ash also today launched a blog based work he is completing at TEZA: The Textural Noise Zone of Aotearoa.


We have had no end of politicians of all persuasions, and its actually been something of a pleasure to have their ear (and us theirs) and for them to hang out. MP Shayne Jones joined us for lunch.


And Greens Co-leader Metiria Turei with New Brighton candidate David Moorhouse hung out in the afternoon.

turei turei2

Kim Paton meanwhile has been busy adding content to her new website  as part of her project Deadweight Loss.


The muka-emplanted bioplastic coating for Te Ao Marama started to go on this afternoon and Tim Barlow also held a bioplastics workshop (these continue for the next three days).



Our theme Wednesday, appropriately, was Nature Knows No Waste, the evening discussion involving Our Daily Waste, Spacecraft (Wikihouse), Free Store, Radbikes, New Brighton Community Gardens and others.

TEZA 27_11_113

TEZA 27_11_121

We were delighted to welcome back after a day back in Wellington Stuart Foster and Kura Puke who trialled for the first time elements of their new work Hinatore in the Whare Toi – sound emitting trails of LED lights.

hinatore Close up

Images: Gabrielle McKone, Kalya Ward and Mark Amery


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