TEZA 2013

#7 Day Four: Friday – What Does Occupation Look Like?



Mose from Positive Directions Trust commandeered a space, spending the day painting.


The Positive Directions Crew getting their morning briefing from Jay before heading out (and the tireless Jay getting a kip after doing the night shift on site security).


Meanwhile: Sophie Jerram and Kaliya Ward at the beginning of another day of hosting.


Lets not forget the politicians. Here’s Renew Brighton’s Rebecca May protesting with Labour hopeful Poto Williams. 11-04-03_29-11-13

Mark Harvey tries out some skipping strategies.

Lunchtime saw a presentation from our latest arrival artist Trudy Lane, Matthew Galloway and Kura Puke and Stuart Foster.

TEZA 29_11_52

Late in the afternoon we were invaded by 60 after-school teenagers, brought with the Youth Alive Trust. Broken into three ‘lively’ groups they worked with Dadson, Harvey and Barlow in turn, moving from a bio-plastic workshop in wharepou, to a music-making circle and out into the street trying out productive strategies.


Friday 6pm saw the launch of Kim Paton’s website Deadweight Loss. Launch is a fancy word for a beer at the pub during Happy Hour with some really cool postcards.


Take away the art projects and you still have what is a core part of the project – the exchanges that occur with those moving through. The site is a valued public thoroughfare so there is a sense of ownership, and when you’re hosting at the front of the site it’s a constant steady stream of interesting public conversations of great diversity. Here’s Richard  with John.

TEZA 29_11_9


For the evening discussion ‘What Does Occupation Look Like’ we welcomed Simon Kaan and Ron Bull Jnr straight in from Kaiapoi where they workshopped with Ngai Tuahuriri, including making flags, some of which were added to our entrance. The discussion also saw presentations from Tim Barlow and Barnaby Bennett. The day ended with a karanga from Te Urutahi Waikerepuru and a welcome into the illuminated wharepou, with Te and Kiwi Henare’s AIO now shining over it.

Also another night of Hinatore with Kura Puke and Stuart Foster.

TEZA 29_11_107


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