TEZA 2013, Transmission

#9 Final Day: TEZA – The New in New Brighton

Our final day theme was Put the New in New Brighton, a day of bringing everything together with our friends to facilitate our departure and lay the ground for the project’s legacy. Above Kura Puke adding to a collaborative mural addition.
Suitably, then the day began with the assembly of a new barbecue.
 And the arrival of a nicely timed Facebook contribution from Dan Arps of Lawrence Shustak’s design for a geodesic dome to cover Brighton circa 2000.
Lunch saw a large group gather for the launch of Kerry Ann Lee with Kim Lowe’s Alternating Currents New Brighton zine, the culmination of three discussions during the week and contributions from the local ‘migrant-settler’ community and local museum.
Local muralist Pops invited us to contribute to a nearby wall. Nathan Pohio added colour to a representation of Sonic the Hedgehog.
The BBQ  got cranking.
And – clearly having got the message we wanted people to take things into their own hands – a group of local kids held an inaugural Stretch Club out on the pavement with the extended TEZA whanau.
We then gathered for a discussion on The New. We considered both the challenges and opportunities for New Brighton in the wider context offered by having visitors from many places together. About the only person who didn’t speak was new arrival Richard Arlidge – he was too busy taking these photos.
Canty 027
Kim Lowe, Sorcha, Tim, David and Kim Paton.
Canty 019
Tim Barlow, Kim, Ali Bramwell and Richard Bartlett
Canty 017
Phil Tekao, Kura Puke, John Kirby and Pops.
Canty 025 Canty 015
Rebecca May, Renew Brighton.
 Canty 014
Phil Dadson
Our visit concluded with an emotional poroporoake as many new friends said goodbye, and started to turn towards their homes.
Images: Mark Amery and Richard Arlidge.

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