TEZA What’s On: Wednesday 25 November

9am – 9pm (TEZA Hub, 10 Lydney Place South). Pop in anytime to get involved and have a cuppa. All events are free and open to the public to participate.

8am – 7.30pm.   Ako Ako: A Role Swapping AdventureAsh Holwell swaps roles with Tracey Wellington, CEO/co-founder of Kiwi Community Assistance, a food and resource recovery agency to assist people in the community. KCA is often left with clothes unsuitable for passing on and she will be working with Sharemart to repurpose them, possibly leading to an ongoing relationship between locals involved in Sharemart and KCA.

9.30am – 12pm (TEZA Hub). Workshops with Corinna School with different artist projects.

10am -4pm (Hartham Place). Strong Pacific Families are facilitating  a stunning pop up exhibition of  arts and crafts from the Pacific, along with workshops. The space is hosted this week by Tokelau. Free film festival at 6pm (see below).

10am – 12pm and 2pm – 4pm (TEZA Hub).  Volunteer Refinery: Join Mark Harvey to explore what it means to be a volunteer. Prepare to have fun with a range of actions in and around constructing a ‘volunteer refinery’.

10am – 4pm (Hartham Place). Sharemart: A clothing store and art project with a difference. Come see how members of the Colombian refugee community have refashioned old NZ Post uniforms into beautiful new items and have a go yourself. Bring clothing for mending, re-purposing, styling or swapping – book a session here.

11am – 2pm (TEZA Hub). Dream Poster Project: Porirua People’s Library’s daily poster project where we create covers of hypothetical/dream books that we would want to see in PPL. Everyone is invited to create and come up with their own dream book covers – each person gets their own voice. Workshop run by Lana Lopesi and Faith Wilson

11am – 2pm (Cobham Court, near the table tennis tables, or TEZA hub if weather bad). The Made Up Times: Come along and help publish an alternative, fictional issue of the local daily newspaper. Porirua People’s Library workshop run by Pip Adam

12pm – 1.30pm (TEZA Hub). Creative Summit: Artist presentations from Kemi and Niko, Andrea Sellwood and Kedron Parker. BYO lunch.

12pm – 3pm (TEZA Hub). Porirua People’s Radio is your pop-up, live community station and we want you to share your voice with us. Tell us tales of Porirua in all of the diverse languages that make up the city.  We’ll record your unique experiences and edit together your personal take on life and the city. You can join us in gathering stories by taking one of our dictaphones out on the street to get your fellow city folk to join the conversation. With Kristen Paterson from Wellington Access Radio.With  Kristen Paterson from Wellington Access Radio.

1.30pm – 5.30pm (TEZA Hub). ALL GOOD? – Pop-up Hair Salon with Jason Muir.  Barbarian Productions invite YOU into the barber’s chair to meet maverick hairdresser Jason Muir (star of our election year Political Cuts project). He’s offering a free blow-wave in exchange for a bit of a chin-wag about the intimacy of the hairdressing profession.

5pm – 6.30pm (TEZA Hub)Just in Time Community Centre Quick Response Unit with Tim Barlow. Come visit this purpose built mobile community centre towed by a Todd Motors built Hillman Hunter.This community centre provides homage to the artistry of industrial workers that have built Porirua City into what it is today. Until 29 November you can call Just in Time anytime in the Porirua region to arrange a free visit. Need a space for a community meeting? Just call JIT! (021766259).

6pm – 7.30pm (Hartham Place). Film festival presented by Strong Pacific Families and Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision.
Tonight: three wonderful documentaries on Pacifica music featuring Song of The South Seas – The Life and Music of Bill Sevesi (1992), Mou Piri: A Rarotongan Love Song (2013), and Bill Sevesi’s Dream (2011). Info:

7.30pm – 10pm(TEZA Hub). Creative Summit : Seeds of Independence.

What resources and tools do we need to make our communities more self-sufficient, resilient and healthier? How might those communities share better with others and in so doing grow stronger?

Presenters: Ulu Toomaga (mental health navigator and Talanoa Cafe founder), Wiremu Grace (Porirua artist and gardener), Ben Knight (Loomio, Wellington), John Poppleton (New Zealand Green Bikes Trust and former coordinator Keep Porirua Beautiful), Tina Pope (Paekakariki gardener and community builder) Alicia Rich (Porirua Schools Garden Club), Daphne Swinton (Whanau Kotahi), and Simon Gray (artist and tutor, Vincents Art Workshop Wellington).


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