TEZA 2015, Transmission

Day 6 TEZA in images

Photographers: Gabrielle McKone, Amanda Joe, Georgina Conroy, Sophie Jerram and Mark Amery

Serious salad making began on Thursday, with artists from Corinna School working with mixed vegetable media.
In the kitchen at the bread-making workshop.
Hair play at the All Good? Pop-Up Hair Salon.
Mark Harvey worked with the Corinna School kids to construct cardboard and tape costumes for street performances.
Barbarian Production’s Thomas La Hood awaits customers.
Shay Green, artist for the day makes bread as part of his exchange with Ash Howell.
Clothing upcycling at the Sharemart.

Ash Howell’s Ako Ako  role swapping project continues. Ash started as a politician on Monday and worked his way up to stable hand by Thursday.

UxDdJwC1ZwwjW9YHxvbzhs1hbTH8iARAZFVGUha5Owo.jpgAt the end of the day, Ash debriefs with his day’s stand-in. Here with artist-for-a-day, local MP Kris Faafoi. The projection is in a backspace behind Sharemart until Sunday night 29 November.

dz3L6lPtNZvX-a5-O8sr5APzssQUJmCM430DCFWyLnYAsh at Wellington Riding for the Disabled.

a_YVoJbo2AbQ-zsemruJcWdn361n_Yj5t1iEc1-Scfo,YmS2xGmoSOCnqz_0KD-FdIGa9lI-MZBkLTXrzZ8lyyQ,OHZ_SBvZ-nfEYXw0IdIPD_sthMxnM5C_BzEIBrc4r9k.jpgStrong Pacific Families had a busy day with the continuing exhibition of Pacific arts and crafts and a screening of Koa o Tokelau – a collection of film clips from 60 years of Tokelau’s history.


Jung Shim Krefft, Georgina Conroy, George Staniland (Massey interns and TEZA photographers), David Cook and Leala Falesuega installing Young Visionaries at the Old McDonalds.



The OMD windows contain the student’s portraits and visions – these can be viewed online here.

cTOMt9cku7-1nfNbMvaSHOzQsv_BoZsMDPqWLlnHy2cPikihuia Haenga and Kerry Ann Lee from the Porirua People’s Library before the Free Range Raps and Monologues workshop kicked off at the TEZA hub, with guest Te Kupu.


yg0clI_5dT194hvhC-QzLbES9m-ozXU_IlaAaYegn6w.jpgShay Green with Chiang Mai-based Belgian writer and activist Michel Bauwens who joined TEZA for a discussion on “New Economy Thinking”.

OLexzO0BRcANb1fwTJ_-nlCfTOslGdmZiM0RlXYy_ZwMichel with local film director and writer Wiremu Grace at Titahi Bay.

Xpgi8eaBEmDA5C6V8Bo1moEwEHZ5fG16tXuUUFxjHOM.jpgRichard Bartlett from the worker-owned Loomio collective, facilitated a wide-ranging discussion on economic alternatives to the cash economy.


y0jqW6v482C7NiC7Zqqyxe2278vI5q8Nd186wdZIyoQThe day ended with Cycle-Powered Cinema out in the mall, care of Gapfiller in Christchurch who joined us via Skype from their fifth birthday celebrations (happy birthday you stunners!). We screened a documentary about Gap Filler’s Pallet Pavilion, all powered by bikes.




Big thanks to Deb Fisher, Marcus McShane, Rich Bartlett, John Poppleton and crew for making this happen.

photo 2


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