TEZA 2015, Transmission

Images TEZA Day 7

Images: Andrew Matautia, Mark Amery, Gabrielle McKone, Alicia Rich and Frankie Padallec


Beginning the day and ending the day the Young Visionaries projection runs through the night during TEZA in the windows of The Old McDonalds.


Outside TEZA Hub flags featuring prints of tuna printed by tamariki in Kaiapoi from the TEZA 2013 project Kaihaukai have flown all week. They travel on this day to Titahi Bay and Hongoeka Marae.

A quieter, gentler morning at the Hub.

IMG_0819-44Cassidy Browne works on editing the TEZA Transmission (the publishing platform you’re reading).

IMG_0817-43While Faith Wilson hosts.

Ash’s roleplay for the day was to be a student at Titahi Bay School. Here he is with his artists for the day.


Over at Pataka, Sarah Maxey runs an alternative signs workshop as part of the Porirua People’s Library.

The results sneak their way into the gallery and nearby library.


It was a busy day for the The People’s Library. Margaret Tolland and Kerry Ann Lee were out and about around Porirua with a mobile zine table.


Up at Cannon’s Creek.


Zac with work starting on the PPL zine for launch Sunday.


Pip Adam works on The Made-Up Times


A visit from artist Wi Taepa (who has popped up at beautiful times throughout TEZA), with photographer Andrew Matautia.


Lunchtime saw a really productive discussion on different models for independent artist run spaces, with recent and planned experiences in Porirua and contributions from the wider region.


TEZA 2013 artist Kim Lowe skyped in to talk about setting up her space Toi Te Karoro in New Brighton since TEZA.


While Liana Leiataua discussed the art space she will open up where Sharemart is next week through Urban Dream Brokerage Porirua.


Mark Harvey was at it again, finding plenty of volunteers for his refinery.

The community were completely aglow at their first Titahi Bay Boatshed Festival – the bay vibrating with kinship for two and a half hours, before the rain sent us scurrying into a boatshed to watch old movies of Porirua, care of the Film Archive.



Simon did a brisk trade in bread while next door Tim cooked fresh fish. No charge.





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