TEZA 2015, Transmission

Images TEZA Day 9: A TEZA funeral, Conscious Roots and People’s Library Launch

Images: Linda Lee, Mark Amery, Ann Shelton, Sophie Jerram and Wiremu Grace

The day began at Hongoeka marae sunny and relaxed with lots of healing, good food and korero at Conscious Roots. Here’s Kawika providing lomilomi as part of the Rongoa session.





Back in the Porirua CBD it was the last day for Sharemart, with a patch fixed for a local by Vanessa Crowe.


Around the corner at the TEZA Hub, Porirua People’s Library had a launch. Many were issued with membership cards.

Leader Kerry Ann Lee looks suitably proud.


We bade farewell to All Good? and its many collected stories and hair.


Then, as the final part of her Citizen’s Active Funeral Paula MacEwan hosted a playful TEZA Funeral.



We were invited to write down our ‘sins of TEZA’ and then place them in one of Simon Gray’s ovens.



As we reflected on at the Poroporoake, TEZA felt more a beginning than an ending. With the new shoots of Alicia Rich’s wheat beds outside the TEZA Hub two weeks later, we raise a toast to Porirua’s beautiful future.



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