Other Projects


As an open public commons space, TEZA invited projects, workshops and presentations beyond those Letting Space were able to commission, collaborating with TEZA participants. These were numerous but included the following (many others are mentioned or pictured elsewhere).




Illuminated at New Brighton Pier and on site (with installation hampered early in the week by rain), ĀĪŌ
In the Māori world means to be in a peaceful and tranquil state of being. ‘ĀĪŌ’ is represented as an illuminated tetrahedron creation to depict the sacred space, the inner sanctum within all of us, as the children of Papatūānuku and Rāngī.

Physically ‘ĀĪŌ’ comprises of three high beam laser light fixtures, audio equipment and the Pou Hihiri, which stands in the middle. The beams of light create a tetrahedron light structure that is synced with an audio track of breathing. Breath-in, the light beams intensify; breathe-out the light-beams fade. The tetrahedral light structure represents the tetrahedral geometry of the carbon atom, i.e. the basis of organic life on earth. The Pou Hihiri represents the nucleus of the carbon atom. The nucleus of the atom was discovered by Sir Ernest Rutherford in 1911 – a fitting salute to Christchurch and Canterbury University.




On-site and at New Brighton Pier for TEZA Picture House is a two-seat cinema in a mobile billboard trailer created by Makeshift Studios. It launched as part of FESTA (Festival of Transitional Architecture) and screens a new film in a new place each day. The exterior was painted by Miranda Parkes.

For TEZA, Mark Williams of Circuit Artist Film and Video Aotearoa selected

six videos by NZ moving image artists in response to the six TEZA provocations:

Optimism doesn’t need a permit: ‘Mangere Bridge: 246 Meters’ (2010) Rebecca Ann Hobbs

Nature knows no waste:
’Burn Out’ (2009) Steve Carr

What are you worth:
’Musicians at Work’ (2010) Lucien Rizos

What does occupation look like: ‘Born in Gore’ (2011) Claire Harris

Lets bring art and people closer together: ‘An unsuccessful attempt at chasing fog’ (2012) Layne Waere

Put the new back in New Brighton: ‘Barbara’ (2008) Murray Hewitt



Formerly of Vienna and now resident in Whangarei, amongst other actions artist Howell created a blog of images, the Textural Noise Zone of Aotearoa (http://texturalnoisezoneofaotearoa.tumblr.com) and a sound work on the road between New Brighton and the CBD.

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