TEZA 2015, Transmission

Day Three TEZA Images: Ako Ako, Volunteer Refinery, All Good? Pop-Up Hair Salon, Porirua Peoples Library and the “Just In Time” Community Centre

Images: Amanda Joe, David Cook, Gabrielle McKone and Mark Amery


Today Ash Holwell shared roles with MP for Mana Kris Faafoi, as part of his Ako Ako: A role-swapping adventureAsh shares Kris’ duties through the morning including the weekly staff teleconference, interviews on Newstalk ZB and Beach FM and visiting his parliamentary office.


As artist for the day Kris started work on setting up a radio station for Titahi Bay at the TEZA hub.


Meanwhile out in Hartham Place Mark Harvey started the Volunteer Refinery.




Creative Summit’s lunchtime artist presentations included legendary Wellington artist Barry Thomas.


Here’s artist and designer Miriama Grace Smith.


Jason Muir got creative with hair as part of a TV3 story.


Tim Barlow was off to Cannons Creek to set up his Just in Time Quick Response Community Centre.

Tim Barlow and his Community centre


JIT can be delivered for urgent local requests for community meetings, it is intended as an emergency community space. Here are TEZA crew helping, the lovely Amanda Joe (Titahi Bay) and Paula MacEwan (Cannon’s Creek).



Barry Thomas, Sophie Jolley and Mark popped by for an introductory lime render making workshop for Tim’s head (made from Trash Palace polystyrene).

Back in the CBD it was blessing time at the Strong Pacific Families space, where Tokelau are hosting activites and art all week. Pictured Moses Viliamu from TEZA with Seanoa Faraimo.


At the Porirua People’s Library Lana Lopesi was interviewed by Pip Adam, preparing for her Made Up Times project on Tuesday.


The Porirua People’s Library‘s daily poster project ran by Lana and Faith was full of creativity.


The evening Creative Summit session talked to the big question “Who are we to intervene?” Environmental movements and human agency were the hot topic.

Creative Summit 'Who are we to intervene?%22

Presenters included Mark Harvey (left) and visiting Thai artist Sutthirat Supaparinya.


TEZA 2015, Transmission

Day Two TEZA Images: Active Citizen’s Funeral, Sharemart and Lomilomi Workshop

Images: Linda Lee and Cassidy Browne


Sunday was a sunny, more relaxed and less jam-packed TEZA day before the big week. Paula MacEwan ran her fourth Active Citizen’s Funeral discussion down at the TEZA Hub



People offered practical solutions in preparing for funerals and how to deal with death

_Y4A9358 (1).jpg

Sharemart is really starting to gain a community in Hartham Place with lots of people working in the space doing repairs to their clothing and looking to upcycle old NZ Post uniforms. A Porirua Guardians uniform (the lovely people who patrol the streets) was even repaired. A visitor Queenie has been working hard for two days straight remaking three blazers for her and her daughters.



Kawika Aipa taught the basics of traditional Hawai’i healing and massage practice in the TEZA Hub for his Lomilomi workshop as part of Mai ngā kôrero ô neherā, e hui pālua.



We can’t wait to share with you Monday…