Citizens Funeral is a pilot service offering alternative solutions to all members of society for preparing funerals and dealing with death. The project challenges economic and social norms around the funeral process, exploring and testing the financial viability of offering low cost options for funerals that are universally affordable, cause no harm to the environment and empower individuals to take the process of death and dying into their own hands.

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Paula MacEwan (Koha Shed Cannon’s Creek) will be utilising the TEZA framework to trial a coffin rental service and funeral co-op network.

Potential services include: coffin rental; low cost, flat pack, self assembly coffins and open source design instructions for build your own coffins and urns; shroud purchase and donation; working to establish a cooperative network of people able to assist with funerals and a citizen’s advice service providing easy to understand information including legal rights on burial and cremation without the use of a commercial third party and natural processes for caring for a body after death.

Citizens FuneralMacEwan is considering public events (non-affiliated / non-denominational) including talks and workshops creating opportunities to talk about the process of death and dying honestly and openly. Sharing thoughts and ideas about belief systems, celebrating life and empowering citizens to make decisions in life about their own death.