Creative Summit


Our core daily gathering point was the TEZA Creative Summit, a series of evening presentations and discussions, and lunchtime artist and social entrepreneur presentations. Facilitated by Letting Space and Richard Bartlett of (part of TEZA’s creative core) the Creative Summit was a space to come together and consider different systems of exchange and valuing worth, towards new ways of doing things: a new economy. In its selection of guests it recognised Christchurch as an international leader in community and creative entrepreneurship, and as a city with some unique opportunities to rethink things. It provided key opportunities to open out the complexities of the provocations TEZA presented.

Optimism doesn’t need a permit

Tuesday 26 November, 8 -10pm

Unpermitted optimism, the value of the public commons and running businesses the way you want to. We explore what wonderful things can be done without asking for permission, and how to have a conversation about the future – rather than a conversation about CERA, government and council.

Participants: Gaby Montejo (The Social), Ministry of Awesome, Steve Carter (Mental Health Organisation), Phil Tekao (Positive Directions Trust), and Renew Brighton.

Nature knows no waste

Wednesday 27 November, 8-10pm

Towards an economy that employs systems that utilise what we have sustainably, rather than what we can exploit. Waste forecasting. Social enterprise. The ethics of different materials. We also put our past in front of us (mua ki muri): how we have worked closer to the land, both before European settlement and after. Community gardening. Ecological balance. The opportunities that Christchurch presents, and the champions that are leading the way.

Participants: Sharon McIver (Our Daily Waste), Kim Paton, Spacecraft, Rekindle, Richard Sewell (RadBikes) and Cathy Sweet (New Brighton Community Gardens).


What are you worth?

Thursday 28 November, 8-10pm

Towards an economy that recognises better forms of productivity, different systems of exchange, tangata whenua, cultural difference and different tikanga.

Participants: Ryan Reynolds (Gapfiller), Mark Harvey and Frauke John (Timebank New Brighton).


What does occupation look like?

Friday 29 November, 8-10pm

Aotearoa New Zealand continues to navigate a difficult road in recognising tino rangatiranga and Maori right for self-determination. How should a group of manuhiri from the four winds create a space yet respect tangata whenua? How better as travellers can we work biculturally? From Maori self-determination movements to Occupy we have a history of autonomous zones. We also have a long history of transitional architecture. How can we learn from them? How do we work better together with the places we rest?

Participants: Simon Kaan and Ron Bull Jr, Bon Suter, Tim Barlow, Barnaby Bennett and Richard Bartlett.


Lets bring art and people closer together

Saturday 30 November, 8-10pm

What role does art have in a new economy? Given the increase in relational art practice, why are contemporary and community arts so separated if social agency is all-important? Does art need to be framed/boxed to retain it potency and legacy? And how might artists best organise themselves in public space?

Participants: Warren Feeney, Letting Space, Pops, Ali Bramwell, Kerry Ann Lee.

Put the new back in New Brighton

Sunday 1 December, 1-4pm

Cheesy slogans aside, people say the earthquakes have opened up a unique window for the culture and spirit of Christchurch to change. To think about what could be different. How’s that going? How can we strengthen our local ecologies – in this case ‘over the river’ and what power can New Brighton flex as an example. What distinctive strengths is it calling on? Shaken up, what are the new pathways through Otautahi? Can Christchurch face the sea and river more? In this renewed culture how can we better recognize those groups who have been less visible. What can new migrant settlers offer new visions? A discussion led by the community.

Participants: Paul Zaneen, Evan Smith (Avon/Okataro Network), Denise Mills and members of the New Brighton community. 

Lunchtime Workshops 12-2pm daily

A daily series of presentations and workshops from artists and community entrepreneurs from around New Zealand who are engaged in projects that speak to the TEZA kaupapa. Presenters spoke and opened the floor for discussion for 30-45 minutes.


Kim Lowe (New Brighton)

Margaret Lewis – Street Loves Nana (Auckland)

Michelle Osborne (Auckland)

Kalya Ward (Wellington)

Tim J Veling and David Cook

Ashley Howell (Vienna/Whangarei)

Graydon Diprose on ‘Social Art and Performance of Democracy’

Heather Hayward and Tessa Peach on Makeshift

Richard Bartlett on Loomio

Trudy Lane on Soundsky

Stuart Foster and Kura Puke

Gabrielle McKone

Matthew Galloway on The Silver Bulletin

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