PRESS 2015

Porirua People’s Library, Kerry Ann Lee with Kathryn Ryan, 8 December 2015, ‘Nine to Noon’, Radio New Zealand National.

All Good? at TEZA on TV3’s Newsworthy, 24 November 2015

Sharemart video on Newswire, November 2015

Porirua People’s Library giving people a voice Newswire, 20 November 2015

Life Swap with Whangarei Artist for Performance in Porirua by Daniel Whitfield, The Dominion Post, 12 October 2015.

The Letting Space brings bread, death and art to abandoned McDonald’s by Jesse Edwards, The Dominion Post, 4 October, 2015.

Breadmakers of Porirua, Unite! Interview with Mark Amery and Simon Gray on TEZA by Lynn Freeman, Standing Room Only, Radio New Zealand.

Let’s Work Together, Art News, Summer 2015.

Pop Up Market, Kapiti News, 27/11/2015.

TEZA Commentary by Mary Jane Duffy, Fishhead magazine, November 2015.

‘Threatening Ideas, Max Rashbrooke interview with Sophie Jerram, Fishhead magazine, November 2015

Love and Criticality: reflections on TEZA and community and contemporary art by Mark Amery, Localise the newspapers, 15 October 2014

Roundtable radio discussion on community media, Porirua People’s Library, TEZA and Pataka, with Kerry Ann Lee, Reuben Friend, Margaret Tolland and Mark Amery, Access Radio, 24 October 2015.

Discussion with Sophie Jerram on TEZA and Lana Lopesi and Ioanna Gordon-Smith on Localise Artbank, 95bFM, 1 November 2015.

Art matters: We need more than distractions by Ali Ikram. TEZA Porirua gets a mention in The Herald, 25 July, 2015.

Sophie Jerram on making the commons work -interview with Michel Bauwens P2P Foundation, 21 October 2015

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