Just in Time – Tim Barlow

Hunter promo 2
The JIT unit is a quick response resource centre that will operate during the week of TEZA (and hopefully before) 21st -30th November. JIT can be delivered for urgent local requests for community meetings, it is intended as an emergency community space.

JIT will also be equipped with some special facilities that go beyond tea-making and comfortable seating. JIT will be visiting local industries in Porirua where the JIT Industrial Impressions Unit can offer both filming and molding services to re-produce and memorialise stories of last minute panic, of nervous relief at getting something finished ‘just in time’.

There will be scheduled times where the public can engage with the JIT unit when it will be based outside the TEZA cbd space. The public will be invited to bring their own photos’s, small objects or stories that tell a yarn of how they managed to get something done ‘just in time’. Small objects can be cast from molds, photographs reproduced and interviews recorded if desired.

The JIT unit is a classic Todd Motors Hillman Hunter towing a custom made camp-o-matic. On the afternoon and evening of Friday 27th Nov, the JIT unit will take a classic beach holiday trip to the Titahi Bay Boatsheds Festival, and serve special Fish and Chips with Simon Gray’s Titahi Bay sourdough loaf.

A mobile number will be made available closer to the time of TEZA for bookings of the JIT unit.