Projects 2013

TEZA brings together a wealth of different projects involving collaboration and exchange, which you are invited to be involved with. Click on the links for full descriptions

TEZA elevation sketch1The TEZA hub at 101 New Brighton Mall will provide a welcoming space for discussion, meeting and activity, its creation led by Tim Barlow. At its centre is Te Ao Marama, a central unifying space, created by Barlow and Te Urutahi Waikerepuru. 12-24-42_14-03-12During the day in Productive Promises locals collaborate with artist Mark Harvey to create group actions (both absurd and meaningful) around New Brighton that test notions of productivity and increased  confidence and happiness in New Brighton as a place to live and visit.

Gathering for workshops and presentations the Ngāi Tahu exchange project Kaihaukai sees Simon Kaan, Ron Bull (Jnr), Priscilla Cowie and Nathan Pohio collaborate with local hapu Ngai Tuahuriri to explore the concept of sharing and exchanging traditional foods between iwi, hapu and whanau as an important customary practice for Māori, and its importance in creating and maintaining social and economic relationships. The work involves flagmaking, presentation and exchange across the rohe, Friday-Saturday 29-30 December.

aFreestore054Also with food, following her celebrated Free Store project in Auckland and Wellington, Kim Paton will work with businesses on waste forecasting systems in The Free Store Project. Photographic artists David Cook and Tim J VelingScreen Shot 2013-10-06 at 11-1.59.29 PMwork during the week with students of Freeville School (under merger and to be demolished) to take a visual stocktake of their environment in The Freeville Project.

Early evening at TEZA with Alternating Currents Kerry Ann Lee is inviting all who identify as ‘migrant-settlers’, artists, communicators or community builders to “work together and become the media”, with a series of discussions, exchanges and then print and online work media work that captures and makes visible the thoughts, feelings, ideas, fears, dreams and wishes of diverse migrant-settler communities in Christchurch and their fresh contribution to its future.
Moving further into the evening, Phil Dadson’s Bicycle Choir performs at the hub before criss-crossing the east creating new cycle and sound ways.
Evenings at the hub also see all invited to the TEZA Creative Summit a series of presentations and discussions. Led by Loomio’s Richard Bartlett, this is a space to present your own project and discussion.
09_09smAs night falls Kura Puke and Stuart Foster with Te Matahiapo invite you to a glow worm-like grotto of  twinkling sound-carrying lights (Hinatore), and demonstrate sound carrying lazer light beams crossing the city (He whenua māmā), both projects transmitting local stories and expression.
Also planned at night by Te Urutahi Waikerepuru with Kiwi Henare for New Brighton Pier is Ā Ī Ō, an illuminated tetrahedron created to depict the the inner sanctum within all of us as the children of Papatūānuku and Rāngī.