Transmission Contents


1. On the birth of TEZA by Richard Meros

2. Images: Powhiri at Rapaki Marae Sunday 24/11

3. Images: Powhiri and opening night welcome New Brighton 25/11

4. Images: ‘Optimism Needs No Permit’ Tuesday 26/11

5. Critical Response from Michelle Osbourne

6. Images: ‘Nature Knows No Waste’ Wednesday 27/11 

7. Critical Response from Melanie Oliver

8. Images and video Thursday 28/11 – Thank You Protests

9. Images and video ‘What are you worth?’ Thursday 28/11 

10. Critical Response from Andrew Paul Wood

11. Critical Response from Gradon Diprose

12. Images ‘What does occupation look like? Friday 29/11 

13. Critical Response from Ali Bramwell

14. Images ‘Lets Bring Art and People Together’ Saturday 30/11 

15. Images ‘The New in New Brighton’ Sunday 1/12

16. Alternating Currents Zine – online version

17. Echo Architecture – a post-TEZA work by Ashley Holwell

18. Images of He Maamaa Whenua at TEZA

19. Roger Bays’ caravan work at TEZA

20. Writing: artist Kim Lowe on life after TEZA

21. Writing: New Brighton Community Developer Rebecca May on the TEZA effect

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